Friday, September 14, 2007


Me, eating yogurt, texting, and looking foolish. ):I find I use my cell phone alot more than necessary.
Like, I hadn't owned a cell phone of my own until recently (I bought one for University) and now that I have one, I go through withdrawls if it isn't close to me. I take it out to check it after /every/ class, on breaks at work, when i get up in the morning, and so on and so forth ..
I remember before I had my own cell phone I thought text messaging was the biggest waste of time, but now it somehow makes sense - I have no idea when/why my ideals on cell phone usage changed. When I got it, I had sworn I wouldn't get myself caught up in the whole texting thing - something I had always been 'against' - but it seems I'm all for it now. =X It's awful.

This phone like a little, platsic, trendy security blanket and I hate how reliant I've become on it. =/
... but at the same time, I think it's mass cute and fun to use.

So, I tried to recall all the various things I did with my cell phone this week ...
Monday - downloaded 'the final countdown' ringtone
Tuesday - called cousin when entering a lecture to have her stand up so I could find her/sit with her
Wednesday - used phone to text friends while I was working
Thursday - used phone to take artistic pictures of a dominos box
Friday - me = perfectly content to eat lunch alone as long as I had my cellphone nearby to text

Errrgh. I feel like such a tool. =|

♪: Metric - 'The List'