Sunday, September 23, 2007

website structure - 3/3

Metric: Official Site
"Live it Out"
Simply put, this is the official site of my favourite band. (: The layout changes with each album that is released.

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The layout on each page remains consistant. It features album art from Metric's 'Live it Out' Album. The pale pinks, oranges, yellows, and blues of this art contrast nicely against the bright blue background behind the table (where the site's content is present).

The main page, as most main pages do, contains news and updates. The Metric site, typically, posts their tour dates on this page. (So I can quickly visit and see when they're coming to town next. : D)
They provide a page with band info, posting pictures of the members in black and white along the left side of the layout, underneath the site's navigation. This allows for the visitor to view the images as they scroll/read through the information about the band.
A media page is provided aswell where videos and pictures can be downloaded.
They have a forum, as well, where fans can discuss anything pertaining to the band. Somethign I dont liek about the site, is that the forum is really basic. It isn't customized at all for the band itself (colour-wise, I mean).

I really like the site's layout - the colours are great and I like how it's consistant on each page. : D Content-wise, the site isn't anything special, though, and they generally lack updates. :|

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website structure - 2/3

Smash Bros. Dojo
This site provides the visitor with daily updates - weekdays, anyway - with news on the upcoming Wii game, Super Smash Brothers: Brawl. On each day a new aspect of the game is released - whether it's a new character or new items that will be present in the game.

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The game's logo is present at the top of the screen - it's gold/black, creating a sharp contrast to the blue sky-tones on the banner beneath it.
The main page contains all the updates in chronogolical order with the newest, naturally, being at the top. The updates/text is contained in an offwhite table over the white background - to make it easier for the visitor to read. There is a simple navigation table to the left hand side - black with white text, each link has a different colour, as well, to emphasize the different categories.
The characters page contains two headings - Newcomers, and Veteran Fighters. The playable characters of the game are organized into these two headings. I thought this was neat, as well, because personally, as a fan of the game, I saw the Newcomers first, got really pumped at the characters included, then saw the Veteran Fighters and got even /more/ excited because they've been newly rendered for this game and look awesome. :D Each pictures links to the character's page ..
The character's indiviual pages follow the same layout - the table containing all the information and the black link table to the right. Each page contains a fully CG'd render of the character and a description, followed by a series of in-game screenshots of the character 'in action'.
They've done something similar with the 'Stages' page. There's a series of thumbnails linking to a page for each of the stages - providing the visitor with larger screenshots and a description of the area.

I think this is a great concept for a site; most game site show very limited content before the game is released. With Smash Bros. Dojo, however, learning a bit about the game every update excites the fans - a great marketing ploy, I think. : D I'm definately going to pick this up when it's out.

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